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Friday, April 2, 2010

Taking the Path Less Traveled

Sometimes it scares me how much today's society is always in a rush. What is life going to be like for my children if we don't learn how to slow down and relax. I feel like people are always pressured for time, stressed about something, over committed, and just unhappy. No wonder why so many Americans have health conditions. I myself can be caught up in the rat race of life. What really helped me learn to slow down and take time to breathe was photography. When I began studying photography, I began to realize how much I was missing and what I was modeling for my children. I have really become aware of how many times I say to my children "Hurry up," or "We don't have time.". I am learning to ask myself "Why don't we have time?" "What would it hurt if we did take the time?". No wonder so many children are being diagnosed with ADHD/ ADD. Look at what they have for models, and how rushed we make them. Of course they don't have long attention spans and are always on the go. We are making them that way! (Besides the fact that the are staying indoors most of their day, but that will be a topic for another post.)

Learning to slow down isn't easy, but once you can it is amazing what a difference it can make in your life. The picture below I took on my way to work one morning. That day I decided to go the back roads to work instead of the highway. I am so glad I did, because look at what I would have missed.

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  1. I hear you, Daniele! I feel like it's a daily struggle to slow down, for both me & my kids' sake. But it's too important not to. For me, getting outdoors & have "moments" is what it's all about. Beautiful pics!