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Friday, March 19, 2010

Sounds of Spring

Since tomorrow is the official first day of spring, I thought I would take a moment to celebrate the change of the season. My family has been patiently awaiting the first night time sounds of spring. Since it has been pretty warm here in southern NH, every night we have been opening a window to see if we can here what my son calls "the spring frogs". He means the peepers, not sure of what their real name is, but that is what they are called in my neck of the woods. We also have a family tradition of every year whoever hears the peepers first, my children, myself, or my parents, we rush to make the first phone call to let the other one know. It is like a race to say "Spring is here.". This year my parents won the race, they called me at 5:15 to let me know that they heard them first. When my children heard the news there was a chorus of "Oh, man!"

My children have been asking to sleep with their window open just in case the peepers wake up and to smell the fresh air. I was afraid they were going to get cold at first, but then I figured if they get cold they will let me know. How can I deny them their request to experience nature. One night I found my daughter covered in a few blankets. I thought she was sleeping but as soon as I went to shut her window, she stopped me. I guess we can all learn from them how peaceful and refreshing opening those windows for the first time is. All the smells and noises that we miss all winter long. Happy Spring Everyone, and take a moment to take in all the signs, smells and sounds outside your window!

I know the quality of these pictures from a photography stand point are not the best. These were taken in my very early days of exploring photography. How I wish I could get these shots again knowing what I know now. But I think they are still good visual reminders of the post. The bottom one also serves as another point of stopping and taking a moment to see what is around you. This little guy was in my sunflowers, and again if I wasn't looking for things to practice shooting in macro, I probably would have never seen him.


  1. I'm no photographer, but I am a fellow mom trying to help her kids experience nature up close and personal. Just wanted to say I think this is a beautiful post!

  2. Amazing pix! So glad you found my blog so I could find yours! Viva nature. :-) Bethe