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Monday, March 1, 2010

Nature's Power

I have been writing about the beauty of nature and how we should all take a moment to appreciate what we see everyday. We should also appreciate the power nature has. It has the power to heal us both mentally, and physically through medicine created from it. Nature has the power to inspire us and uplift our spirits. But nature also can be fierce and relentless. It has the power to remind us of what we can control and what we can't. It can remind us of how small we are and powerless we are at times.

This week here on the NH southeastern side of the state, we experienced a pretty sever northeaster with wind speeds higher than we have experienced in a long time. My town lost power for three days, ans some towns longer. Experiencing this first hand certainly reminded us of nature's power.

The picture below was taken after a pretty bad thunderstorm we had last summer. It is interesting that nature also has a way of signaling that things will be okay.

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