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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Little Things

As I understood more photography techniques than pointing the camera and snapping a picture, I became interested in photographing little things in nature that we often pass by without a second glance. It is amazing how much I wasn't seeing before I started to look. Take the picture above for example. I was in my backyard with my camera looking for interesting things to photograph. On the edge of the wood line I came upon these small mushrooms growing on some fallen leaves, which reminded me of bottle caps. I truly believe the only reason I noticed them was because I was forcing myself to look for little things. Had I not been, I probably would have stepped right on them and continued on my way, maybe even getting a little frustrated that I didn't find anything to photograph. My children were with me when I made this discovery. I hope that they learned to just stop and observe all around them sometimes. I know I did. You might be amazed at what you may find when you focus your attention to really look at what you are seeing.
Below is a Lady Slipper that caught my eye while we were waiting for my daughter to compete in her horse competition. It was growing in on the side of the forest next to the seating for the spectators. Lady Slippers are wild flowers that are very rare and are actually protected by law to not be pick or transplanted. I took some time photographing it, but then my attention switched to my daughter who entered the ring. When I went back to take a few more photos of the Lady Slipper, it had unfortunately been stepped on by another spectator who probably didn't even notice it. Proof of my point above. Take time now and then to really focus on what you are seeing, even the little things, or you will never know what you are missing!

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