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Friday, January 22, 2010

New Meaning to an Old Phrase

Welcome to my first post! As I began to study photography, I began to become more aware of things that we don't often notice as we are rushing from one place to another. I became more self aware of what I had been to busy to see right in front of me, and I became more and more interested. I learned to look deeper than the surface of what I was seeing and to be observant. I started sharing my insights with my children in hopes that they would remember to take time to look around as they grew into young adults. So far it is working. Both of them love looking for colorful sunsets, and will sometimes wake me to see a beautiful sunrise if they wake before me. Of course there are days when I wish they hadn't discovered that sunrises can be as colorful as sunsets!

I am very fortunate to be a program leader in an early childhood school that also values the world around us and instills an appreciation of nature with the children. I often find myself sharing my photos with the children at our school who will look at them with insights that I never thought of. I want to give new meaning to the old phrase "Take time to smell the roses."

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