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Friday, January 22, 2010

Messages Around Us

I sometimes wonder if there are messages around us that we don't always see. This is a rock my son found at the local beach. As soon as he picked it up he brought it to me to show me that it was shaped like a heart. Another message, same theme. This is a leaf my daughter found in our drive way, on our way to get the mail. This is exactly how we found the leaf, with the heart shape already in it. We framed it and hung it in our kitchen as a symbol of the love in our family. The four leaf clover we found the day before we got a phone call that was going to bring a tough period in our lives to an end. We added that to the framed leaf to symbolize the strength in our family.
One more message, same theme. This tree has been in our yard since we bought our house almost 8 years ago. It is a border to the side of our driveway. You actually have to turn the wheel from the top of our drive, not to hit it as you back out. How many times a day, week, year ,did we go right past this tree, always looking at it, not to hit it with our cars, but never see the message. It wasn't until I was studying photography and teaching myself to really "see" that I saw what we had been missing. Another sign of love in the shape of a heart on the tree, very close to where the leaf above was found.
Certainly makes you think. Doesn't it? Especially since these were all found with in 2 months of each other, during a difficult time in our lives.

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