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Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Can't Control Everything

With all the technology and power we have, we still can not control everything. We have to make the best out of some situations.

A few years ago you would have never found me out in a thunderstorm trying to capture a picture of lightning. But as I continue to challenge myself to get better shots, I find and take opportunities that I would have never taken before. This is starting to trickle down to my children as well. The last storm we had, no one was scared and they almost enjoyed watching the lightning create different designs in the sky. (Of course the storms were not sever and it was safe for us to do so. There is a difference between taking a photographic opportunity and risking your safety.) After the storm we walked around our yard and noticed how interesting the raindrops looked on everything.


  1. You have an eye for the same things I do...Outside your Window. I get that. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog (which I have neglected for so long...).

  2. Wow..beautiful photos..be careful out there...Michelle